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About Kevin

A lovely lobster story

Kevin Smith was born and raised on Swan’s Island, Maine, where his family provided fresh fish daily to the small island community. His father, Wendell Smith, started the fishing business when he was just in high school. His business grew as did his family of four sons who followed their father’s footsteps toward the sea.

Kevin had his own boat at the age of seven, fishing just off the bay. But as he grew, the desire to “catch” became a family pursuit. All the sons assisted in the daily labor at “Bounty Seafood I” on Swan’s Island, and their passion continues today.

Kevin’s sweetness for Ann, now his wife, brought him to Cincinnati, where he opened and operated Bounty Seafood II for many years. Bounty Seafood II, sold several years ago, supplied Cincinnati’s East side with fresh fish straight from his family in Maine. After years of success and awards, Kevin sold Bounty Seafood II to perfect the mobile lobster bake side of the business.

Today Kevin continues to cater “Lobsta Bakes,” New England-style lobster bakes for private parties, corporate events, swim clubs, anniversary celebrations, weddings, and backyard parties, and once again provides fresh fish at his newest store, Lobsta Bakes Seafood Market, on Church Street in Newtown. The catering menu features main course dinners with a choice of fresh lobster, Filet mignon, chicken, vegetarian, or surf and turf with lobster or Alaskan king crab legs and Filet mignon, all very reasonably priced and cooked right at your location. (Lobsta Bakes Menu)

Lobsta Bakes cooks your dinner outside on our custom-made lobster steamer & BBQ grill. We have all you need for a great bake!